Upcoming events at Schoenstatt Heights and the Founder Shrine

  • All meetings at Schoenstatt Heights and the Saturday Holy Masses are cancelled until further notice.
  • The Shrine will remain open to visitors. Please follow all recommended precautions due to the virus.
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We entrust our world in need to the MTA. During one of the worst times of hunger, epidemic, and bombing, in the concentration camp of Dachau, Father J. Kentenich formulated the following prayer. Let us unite in Mary, be obedient to the precaution measures, and offer our contributions to the capital of grace, for the sake of all!


(Heavenwards, p. 132)

Mother, take us caringly beneath your mantle,

that we may always live as citizens of heaven.

Preserve us from hunger, epidemics, and fire1;

Preserve us who turn to you in time of dire need.

Speak to your Son as you once did on earth

when he lent his aid in need and distress–

“Lord, they have no wine and no food”–

then he will certainly hear our prayer.

He chose you as the second Eve;

you shall save what the first Eve lost.

Just as she drew us into ruin,

from you stream forth the rays of eternal salvation.

It is the Father’s loving plan of wisdom

that the earth constantly endure itself as a vale of tears

until the sun of transfiguration rises over it in splendor

and it mirrors heaven’s blessed harmony.

In union with your Son, you have been entrusted

with giving us the lost life of grace

and with protecting us from many earthly sorrows–

soothing the pain they cause and transforming them into

our salvation.

Unfold today the richness of your motherly heart

wherever diabolical forces are powerfully at work.

Reveal the fullest extent of your might and kindness

as the Helpmate of the Lord.

Just as your Son healed, stilled hunger

and comforted the sick while here on earth,

go with him quietly through our midst,

giving your blessing and helping us with the arm of your

unlimited motherly power.

Show yourself to all the world as the Great Sign

which neither Satan’s cunning nor earthly sorrow can


Let the nations find protection and salvation in you

and joyfully proclaim you salvation’s Mediatrix.

Our affliction, too, has increased so enormously

that without your help we must succumb.

You alone can save us from perdition–

come and see us gathered around you with our pleas.

United with your Son, be the one who rescues us

from the fury of hell and the tempests of our times.

We want to gratefully and eternally praise you in every

way we know

as the great Mother of the nations.

We want to courageously spread your name

and lead all people to your shrine,

so that, with you, they jubilantly and lovingly worship the

Triune God

both here and high in heaven above. Amen.

1 Original text (Dachau): Preserve us from bombs and shells and fire; later also: Preserve us from epidemics, bombs and fire.

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“Our Movement Sisters continue to help us fulfill our mission from the Founder Shrine. Sister M. Deanne coordinates the mothers and the fundraiser activities. Sister M. Isabel coordinates the couples’ branch and the Diocesan Leadership Team. They, too, had a change and an addition to their team. Sister M. Faustina is now the new youth sister and Sister Maria Victoria, from Chile, guides the Hispanic couples and mothers who are growing in the shadow of our shrine. In the coming year, the Movement Sisters will help us establish a shrine pastoral team.

The pastoral team is made up of a few leaders (under/with) the coordination of Sister M. Sophy Ann, the Superior at Schoenstatt Heights. They will focus their attention on the organization and logistics of the activities connected to our Founder Shrine, such as May Devotions and October Rosaries, or the Spring and Fall clean-up work days. In coordination with them, the Diocesan leaders will continue to send out the newsletters, emails, and information regarding upcoming events and activities.”