Couples League

The Schoenstatt Family League was founded on July  16, 1942, in a concentration camp in Dachau, Germany. The Family League is one part of the family movement along with the Family Federation and Family Institute.

The league is the broad organization of those who make the aims of Schoenstatt their own, live its spirituality, and engage themselves apostolically according to their possibilities and state in life. Entry into the league formally takes place when one makes the covenant of love. One can belong to the league as an “associate member” or “member.”
(200 Questions About Schoenstatt, Fr. Jonathan Niehaus, p. 105)
As families within the branch of the Family League, the couples strive first to build holy marriages, for the marriage is the pillar of the family. Couples are encouraged to faithfully follow the hierarchy in marriage—God, spouse, children, work—and in this way become holy couples who then form holy families which lead to a holy Church and world. To secure this hierarchy in our very busy society, the couples set aside a time each week for each other to deepen their love, their faithfulness to each other, and to work out any difficulties that may have arisen. Living out of Schoenstatt’s spirituality—the covenant of love, everyday sanctity, and instrumentality—also helps the couple to reflect Mary and Joseph within their “Nazareth” family.

The couples study and faithfully strive to live their marriage covenant according to the teachings of the Church.
The Family League members see their own family as their first realm of apostolate. Much time and strength is given to forming their family into a reflection of the Holy Family of Nazareth as well as a reflection of the family-likeness found within the Trinity. This family we call the “new community,” a community where all live in, with, and for one another. These holy families will be a great blessing in the moral and religious renewal of the world in Christ.

Those who belong to the Family League join together in smaller groups and meet each month to discuss the Schoenstatt spirituality, Catholic views of family and marriage, and how to live in everyday life the true vocation of marriage and family.