News from the Sisters’ Christmas letter:

“Our Movement Sisters continue to help us fulfill our mission from the Founder Shrine. Sister M. Deanne coordinates the mothers and the fundraiser activities. Sister M. Isabel coordinates the couples’ branch and the Diocesan Leadership Team. They, too, had a change and an addition to their team. Sister M. Faustina is now the new youth sister and Sister Maria Victoria, from Chile, guides the Hispanic couples and mothers who are growing in the shadow of our shrine. In the coming year, the Movement Sisters will help us establish a shrine pastoral team.

The pastoral team is made up of a few leaders (under/with) the coordination of Sister M. Sophy Ann, the Superior at Schoenstatt Heights. They will focus their attention on the organization and logistics of the activities connected to our Founder Shrine, such as May Devotions and October Rosaries, or the Spring and Fall clean-up work days. In coordination with them, the Diocesan leaders will continue to send out the newsletters, emails, and information regarding upcoming events and activities.”