All events listed are held at Schoenstatt Heights in Madison.

September 8: Sion Circle at 2:00 p.m. in the Founder Shrine.

September 18: Eucharistic Adoration from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. in the Founder Shrine.

September 21: Morning with Mary – Holy Mass begins at 8:00 a.m. followed by rosary in the Shrine, a light breakfast, and meditation. There is confession starting at 7:30 a.m. The mystery of the rosary for our meditation will be the Carrying of the Cross.

September 22: Covenant Renewal – We will start at 1:00 p.m. in the Founder Shrine followed by a short reflection presented in the Family Room.

As we embark on this providential path of the new schedule for the Covenant Renewal at the Founder Shrine and various other changes, we invite you to focus this Lenten journey on the primary covenant demand:

“Diligently bring me contributions to the capital of grace.”

From the Covenant of Love in Daily Life, p. 13, the following gives great hope and impetus to keep striving and offering our contributions to our Mother Thrice Admirable, Queen, and Victress of Schoenstatt:

“Schoenstatt has come about through the covenant of love, which is realized in practical life through contributions to the capital of grace. The means which brought Schoenstatt into existence will also keep it in existence forever. The shrine will cease to be a place of grace as soon as we stop making contributions to the capital grace. These contributions give life to Schoenstatt; they generate the flow of grace from the Shrine and guarantee the effectiveness of the movement.”

As a Lenten striving we invite you to print out the “capital of grace” slips at this link and place them into your home shrine. Let these be your “pebbles” (see explanation from Christmas Party 2019) to be offered for the church. Daily write your offerings on these slips and gather them into your home shrine. We invite you to bring these offerings to the Schoenstatt shrine and place them in the clay jar.

Like Father, dare to offer ourselves for the Church!

In this year 2019, God has opened for us a totally new path. The community of the Schoenstatt Sisters has divided the tasks of the movement sisters for the Wisconsin-Illinois area in a new way. This includes Madison. There will no longer be a movement sister on site. Instead, a team of sisters will coordinate the life of the movement. As always, the sisters on site continue to loyally care for the throne of our Queen in the Founder Shrine. The Schoenstatt Family, eager to grow and expand, is invited to focus on the most essential and life-giving element we have in Schoenstatt: our covenant of love with our Mother Thrice Admirable. To be more precise, we will pay close attention to the times we renew our covenant. 

Please note that the Covenant Sunday program has changed in three ways this year: the name, the dates, and the time.

The name: We will renew our covenant of love with our MTA on only four Sundays of the year and on two other occasions that are not Sundays – June 20 and October 18. Therefore, we will now call it Covenant Renewal.

The dates: The Schoenstatt Fathers will not be able to assign a priest to work in Madison this year. If we don’t have the possibility of celebrating Holy Mass every fourth Sunday, we can definitely gather for the rite of covenant renewal on a few significant and convenient Sundays: during Lent (March 24), May Crowning (May 26), in the fall (September 22), and Advent (November 24).

Why June 20 and October 18? On June 20, the anniversary of the Founder Shrine’s dedication, and on October 18, the date Schoenstatt was founded, we desire to give honor to our Queen in her shrine and to remind ourselves all the more of her power, presence, and protection. To do this, we would like to secure the covenant renewal by gathering together as Madison Schoenstatt movement on these days.

The time: It seems best to come for the covenant renewal on the Sunday dates at 1:00 p.m. on account of the distances each family must to travel to come to the shrine, the coordination with the Schoenstatt Sisters of the house and those working with the movement, as well as the different options everyone may have for attending their parish Sunday Holy Mass. For the other two dates, June 20 and October 18, it seems that 7:00 p.m. is most convenient.

As far as retreats and other events are concerned, please see the calendar of events on the website.

With this new schedule, Divine Providence gives us a totally new opportunity to grow slowly and steadily, to draw people to the shrine, and to focus on the essential element — the covenant of love with our MTA.

On January 6, at the Schoenstatt Heights’ Christmas party, as a sign of our desire to live this year’s motto: “Like Father, dare to offer ourselves for the Church,” we invited everyone to write their “I give my yes” on slips of paper that represented pebbles to be thrown in the water. These were paper pebbles. They were stapled to the bulletin board displaying pictures of water and of Father Kentenich standing at the shore of Lake Michigan. Just as a pebble is thrown into the water and makes ripples affecting the waters around it, we, like Father, wish to offer ourselves to revitalize and renew the Church through our lived covenant of love with Mary. 

There were also real pebbles and polished stones available for everyone to take and place in their home shrine as a reminder that, we represented by these pebbles, are being polished by all the rocks around us — rubbing and scraping our rough edges and by the waves and storms of life that crash against us.

We pray that we may see God’s hand behind everything as we are transformed into a beautiful offering for the church!

For those attending Morning with Mary in February, we will have the paper pebbles available so you may add your “I give my yes” to the bulletin board.