The words of our year’s motto are the best Christmas greeting we can wish to one another!

In Bethlehem, we unite in Mary, adoring our new-born King. The fire of Christ’s presence with and among us is the mystery of salvation Mary contemplated in her baby more than 2000 years ago. Today, we kneel before Mother and Child, before the whole Holy Family and ponder on our calling to bring many people closer and closer to the fire of Christ’s love.

Our father and founder not only remained united to Mother and Child throughout his life. He was drawn into the mystery of their lives through his charism and the story of his life. We see how he kindled the fire of Christ’s love in the hearts of many through the covenant of love. Kindled by this fire, with Mary, we go forward into a new year, into 2020. Through our founder’s charism, we are able to fulfill this mission, today.  His words inspire us:

“Must the call of our Lord… remain unheard? When we heard this call for the first time—perhaps it was at our first Holy Communion, or some other happy hour of prayer—there came the generous and enthusiastic answer from deep within us, Ecce, Domine, mitte me! (Here I am, Lord, send me! (Is 6:8)). Here I am, Lord, send me wherever you will… Meanwhile, however, the resilience of our minds and the warmth of our hearts have also grown. So we answer the question joyfully today and always, Ecce, Domine, mitte me… Onward! Never back! God’s battles are not fought with weapons of destruction, but with the spirit of heroic self-denial, total self-emptying, heroic sacrifice, and joyful readiness to work… “Forward! Upward! Never back!” What we have begun we want to complete with God’s help and under the protection of our heavenly Mother” (Father J. Kentenich, Sermon in February 1913). 

Through loyalty to the ongoing formation of our groups as well as the covenant renewal, we continually respond in a positive way to this call. We continue to form saintly personalities while preserving our apostolic profile. The upcoming retreats and events in 2020 open new doors for us in this regard. Save your dates and call us if you have any questions.

The two highlights of the year are the centennial of women in Schoenstatt, which will be celebrated by the Mother’s branch at a national level in June and by the young professionals with an international gathering in Schoenstatt, Germany, in August. Also, the priests were among the first ones to form the league at that time. In this spirit, we will host a retreat for diocesan priests from June 30 – July 3. 

As an added help for those organizing monthly covenant renewals in the different areas, here is the formula utilized at the International Schoenstatt Center, also the National Center for our Schoenstatt Family in the USA, and a few discussion guides for the monthly reflections.