Pray for Schoenstatt in South Texas

Dear Schoenstatt family & friends,

As most of you know, the eye of Harvey passed through Lamar and directly over our Schoenstatt Center in Texas.  We are extremely grateful that none of our Sisters were injured.  We are all so thankful for your many thoughts and prayers.

Our center experienced extensive damage. Anyone who wishes to volunteer with the cleanup process is welcome.

Volunteers may contact us at (262)309-7895 to be put on a schedule for cleanup.  We ask that volunteers please provide their own tools, food and drink, and wear closed shoes. Unfortunately, our property is still not safe for children.

Monetary donations are always welcome and appreciated.  Please use the DONATE Schoenstatt Lamar, Texas Paypal for any donations, or send messages to

For pictures and more information, please go to: